Black Kite Integration

Third-Party Risk Management, Cyber Risk

Quantify your third-party risks

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Black Kite is a Security Rating Services (SRS) provider that offers a holistic view of an organization’s cyber risk posture from a technical, financial, and compliance standpoint. It enables you to communicate third-party risks in quantitative, easy-to-understand business terms.

How It Works

With the Black Kite integration, avoid unnecessary risks and get a better view of your risk posture — beyond what heat maps can show you. Know which vendors pose the highest threat to your organization and, if there’s a breach, calculate the potential financial impact to your business using the Open FAIR™ model. Black Kite aggregates hundreds of data sources from open-source intelligence (OSINT). You can then ingest this data at the individual vendor level within Risk Cloud. Is action required? An automated remediation plan triggers based on scores provided by Black Kite.

Use Cases

  • Third-Party Risk Management 
  • Risk Quantification


Risk Cloud Third-Party Risk Management Application

Why You Need It

  • Incorporate security ratings into your cyber risk program to evaluate the risk of existing and new business relationships
  • Measure third-party risks in monetary terms, using Open FAIR™, to estimate the potential financial impact
  • Analyze your supply chain’s cybersecurity posture and communicate your findings  throughout the organization in terms that everyone understands (i. e. letter grades or monetary terms)
  • Scale your third-party risk program by turning data into useful insights

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Date Added: 02/25/2022

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