Business Continuity Plan Management Application

Business Continuity Management

Prepare your business against sudden disruption

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With the constant changes to our business environment, it is important to proactively safeguard your business against possible disruptions. Business continuity plans are created to successfully endure business disruptions and provide guidance on making informed decisions during any disruption.

Business Continuity Plan Management is an Application in Risk Cloud that proactively establishes business continuity plans. The goal of this Application is to set up organizations to remain resilient through times of crisis, from data breaches to global events.

How It Works

The Business Continuity Plan Management Application allows you to model significant events that could disrupt your organization and measure their impact on your operations. This proactive approach allows you to set the proper procedures in place to help ensure critical systems and business functions remain shielded, no matter what.

You can establish workflows to regularly test your procedures, update your response plan to always be looking ahead, and have confidence your organization will emerge from any crisis stronger than before.

Why You Need It

  • Protect your critical systems and business functions against possible business disruption
  • Establish procedures and workflows so your organization knows what to do during times of crisis or disruption
  • Use customizable, pre-built workflows to establish continuity plans, model significant disruptions, and establish procedures to protect vital business functions and systems

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Date Added: 11/30/2020

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