CCPA Framework

Data Privacy, Controls Audit Management, Regulatory Compliance

Uphold California’s consumer data privacy laws

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The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) gives California consumers greater control over their personal information with a greater focus on privacy and protection. The CCPA framework helps keep your organization’s California business initiatives in compliance with CCPA, which includes how it’s used, stored, or sold.

How It Works

The CCPA framework works seamlessly with Risk Cloud’s CCPA Application to help you avoid legal and financial penalties from non-compliance with CCPA. This framework is right at your fingertips to assist in the rapid response to CCPA requests to access, obtain, or delete personal data.

You can access the CCPA framework via the Risk Cloud Controls Repository and enable organization-wide compliance to CCPA requirements and regulations. The framework is designed to establish the right security measures over sensitive consumer data and help comply with evolving CCPA regulations.

Why You Need It

  • Grow customer trust and confidence by proving that you’re taking the privacy, security, and management of their personal data seriously
  • Ensure personal data is safeguarded against the possibility of data breaches and avoid the danger of legal and financial penalties
  • Be prepared to comply with ever-evolving CCPA regulations when accessing or processing consumer data requests

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Date Added: 12/07/2020

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