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Compliance Task Management is the process that helps keep organizations compliant with policies, procedures, and current regulations. Typically, compliance is required on several regulations that are continuously evolving, requiring valuable time and resources. Compliance Task Management is an Application in Risk Cloud that streamlines how you track and manage your compliance tasks.

How It Works

The Compliance Task Management Application is built to break down compliance tasks, assign owners, and track progress to ensure on-time completion. Use this Application to track compliance tasks and their due dates, keeping you on top of deadlines and free of damaging or surprising fines.

The Application can also act as a repository for compliance task definitions, so your organization is all speaking a common risk language during external reviews. Since it’s easy to make necessary changes, you have the flexibility to grow and change your program in parallel with changing regulations.

Why You Need It

  • Help your organization comply with changes in regulations and laws to help avoid financial penalties from overdue submissions
  • Stay on track to complete compliance tasks
  • Use customizable, pre-built workflows to track compliance tasks, assign them to the right owners, and follow up before they are overdue

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Date Added: 11/30/2020

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