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Data helps drive your organization forward, so make sure it’s well-managed and secured according to various regulations such as data access or removal requests.

Data Subject Access Requests Application in Risk Cloud gives privacy teams the ability to respond to data subject rights requests under various regulations, like General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), to meet their specific requirements. Centrally track and manage rights requests; move requests through evaluation, processing, and review to ensure regulatory requirements are met in time. Additional Applications are available to help you manage your privacy requirements:

How It Works

Data Subject Access Request Application provides the tools you need to keep responses to data access requests compliant. Customize the Application to meet your specific regulatory requirements (e.g., specific SLAs for CCPA or GDPR). The Application allows you to strike a good balance between data accessibility and governance by managing data requests with pre-built forms and fields within a secure public-facing portal. You can set timely notifications for compliance checks or reviews so you stay continuously compliant, no matter what. When action is required, assign tasks to ensure fulfillment obligations are completed by the assigned stakeholder.


Why You Need It

  • Collect a wide range of data access requests across your organization through one centralized and secure public portal
  • Effectively manage and standardize your data requests via in-built forms, fields, and request notifications
  • Access customizable, pre-built workflows for your organization’s data access requests and notifications, tailored for end-to-end compliance

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Publisher: LogicGate

Date Added: 11/26/2020

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