Employee Compliance: Policy Acknowledgments Application

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Employee compliance is a topic that is front and center as the workplace continues to evolve. Ensuring that your employees are compliant with all required processes and regulations in an automated platform leaves you with valuable time and resources to spend on more impactful tasks.

The Employee Compliance: Policy Acknowledgments Application in Risk Cloud streamlines the process of capturing and tracking employee compliance data in one place, giving you a full account of the compliance status of every employee.

How It Works

The Employee Compliance: Policy Acknowledgments Application is a one-stop database for all updated policy, certifications, and training requirements. This brings employees and your organization compliance at your fingertips, even as regulations change.

With this Application, you can easily assign and track policy acknowledgment, certification attestations, and training progress of all employees in real-time. It’s a hassle-free way to identify non-compliance and take swift action to realign the organization, all while keeping regulatory fines and repercussions at bay.

Why You Need It

  • Track and manage employee policy compliance in one place
  • Spot non-compliance so that you can take swift action
  • Easily assign policy acknowledgment requests, certification attestations, and deadline notifications to relevant employees
  • Use customizable, pre-built workflows to manage employee progress in policy acknowledgment and certification attestation

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Publisher: LogicGate

Date Added: 11/26/2020

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