Google Drive Integration

Policy Management

Streamline document creation and management processes

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Risk Cloud’s purpose-built Policy and Procedure Management Application integrates with Google Drive to help you draft, release, and continuously manage your governing documents from a single platform.

How It Works

Risk Cloud integrates with Google Drive to help you streamline and automate document creation and management processes like: 

  • Copying a template or existing document.
  • Attaching the draft document link to a review request email. 
  • Downloading the draft, making changes or suggestions, and then re-uploading it to send to the author.
  • Ensuring documentations reflect the latest revisions.
  • Making accurate and up-to-date documentation accessible to the entire organization.

Use Case

  • Policy & Procedure Management

Why You Need It

  • Effortless collaboration: Draft, edit, and review documents with stakeholders in one location.
  • Automation: Populate the link to the draft and attach the final document to Risk Cloud automatically without having to search, download, and upload files.
  • Save time: Reduce time spent searching for documentation by storing all documents in a central repository.
  • Automated reminders: Send document change requests and receive notifications on requests and due dates. 
  • Easy change management: Find all previous versions of a document from any point in time so you can link events to applicable documentation.

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Date Added: 09/20/2022

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