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Information Security Management prepares you for any threats to your IT assets. ISO 27005 is one set in a series of standards from the International Organization for Standards (ISO) that provides common guidelines for InfoSec.

Information Security Risk Management ISO 27005 is a Risk Cloud Application that helps give you full control over how you handle risks for your IT assets while keeping those same assets compliant with ISO 27005 standards.

How It Works

ISO 27005 is a common information security standard used by organizations that are adopting an Information Security Management System (ISMS) to protect their data.

The InfoSec ISO 27005 Application aligns your risk management strategy to ISO 27005 standards. The Application helps keep security risks low and compliance high via workflows that identify emerging IT risks, threats, and vulnerabilities that would impact your compliance with standard regulations.

Why You Need It

  • Keep your inventory of IT assets secure from the myriad of risks, threats, and vulnerabilities that could occur across your organization
  • Obtain the data you need to initiate effective risk treatment and mitigation
  • Access customizable, pre-built workflows for identification and remediation of all risks, threats, and vulnerabilities on critical IT assets and controls

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Date Added: 11/26/2020

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