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Issues Management

Simplify remediation of issues across your organization

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Swift and decisive issue remediation is critical to contain risk and get your organization back on track.

Issues Management is an Application in Risk Cloud that functions as a central control hub, allowing governance, risk, and compliance teams to seamlessly coordinate remediation efforts across the board, in real-time.

How It Works

The Issues Management Application pulls together data from disparate audits, assessments, and incident reports across your organization to form a central database. You can evaluate the impact of emerging issues in real-time. This allows you and your team to make more risk-informed decisions about the remediation actions needed.

With this Application, you can lead your business teams toward effective remediation by assigning, coordinating, and driving accountability on remediation plans with internal stakeholders and third-party vendors. The Application is designed to speed up issue resolution and protect your organization against the threat of non-compliance and other business risks.

Why You Need It

  • Draw all your disparate auditing, assessment, and incident data into one place, for a more holistic view of issues across your organization
  • Form well-informed remediation and resolution plans, led by data, and coordinate execution with relevant groups
  • Access customizable, pre-built workflows that help you identify, register, and mediate issues that impact your organization

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Publisher: LogicGate

Date Added: 11/26/2020

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