Jira Integration

Incident Management, Controls Management, Cyber Risk, Issues Management, Business Continuity Management, Compliance Management, Enterprise Risk Management, Data Privacy, Policy Management, Regulatory Compliance, Third-Party Risk Management

Improve cross-functional collaboration with technical teams

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Jira is an Agile project management software that enables cross-functional tech teams to plan, track, and manage projects on a collaborative platform.

How It Works

Jira is natively integrated with Risk Cloud so that you can easily connect Risk Cloud to your instance of Jira. This plug-and-play integration was designed to seamlessly manage work between Risk Cloud and Jira. It allows you to create or link multiple Jira workflows in Risk Cloud. You can kick off and link Jira tickets across multiple Jira projects from within a single Risk Cloud Application, making for better cross-functional collaboration.

Use Cases

  • IT Incident Management
  • Complaint Management
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Audit Actions

Requirements: Jira Cloud

Why You Need It

  • Integrate your risk program seamlessly by connecting it directly with the program your technical teams already live in
  • Automate manual tasks by syncing Jira projects and tickets to Risk Cloud workflows and records
  • Foster open communication among tech, risk, and cybersecurity teams to stay up to date on technical tasks related to your risk program
  • Use Risk Cloud reporting tools to visualize data from both Jira and Risk Cloud

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Date Added: 11/30/2020

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