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Policy and procedure compliance is a challenge for employees and employers alike. Clarity is key when it comes to compliance. Any rules and disparate documentation scattered across the organization adds another level of difficulty for employees. Responses to remediate violations can be slowed by disorderly policies and procedures.

The Policy and Procedure Management Application in Risk Cloud sets you up for success. It is built to construct and automate your policy management processes for company-wide visibility and ease-of-access.

How It Works

The Policy and Procedure Management Application allows you to configure and automate policy management and procedures so that everyone in your organization can easily access the information they need. It keeps your organization’s policies, procedures, and associated documentation up to date with reminders, reviews, and control tools.

The Application helps keep everyone familiar with where to find the latest versions of policy and procedure information. You can also choose to integrate the Application with Google Drive, which further streamlines the process of managing documents and document versions. This is the best step you can take to ensure your team is safe from the downsides of non-compliance.

Why You Need It

  • Improve policy management by streamlining, automating, and connecting relevant policies and procedures
  • Provide accessibility and transparency to policies that employees need to remain compliant
  • Access customizable, pre-built workflows for policy requests, procedures, and documentation reviews
  • Further streamline the process of creating and managing documents with the help of Google Drive integration

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Date Added: 09/13/2022

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