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Regulatory Compliance

Stay compliant with the ever-evolving regulatory landscape

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Regulatory Compliance is used to help you follow rules and regulations and stay compliant, even as these laws change over time.

Regulatory Compliance is an Application in Risk Cloud containing a centralized repository of information to help you comply with state, federal, and international laws and regulations. This Application is built to help cover you against potential lawsuits and financial liabilities, manage evolving regulations, and protect your business, employees, customers, and assets.

How It Works

The Regulatory Compliance Application assists in maintaining regulatory compliance to laws and regulations relevant to your organization’s operations. It can be linked to regulatory content from Risk Cloud’s Content Repository library, an external content provider, or your own regulatory content to facilitate the evaluation of regulatory compliance. You can also complete regulatory risk and impact assessments through the Application, in addition to obligations, assessments, and assigning corrective action plans to the appropriate owners across the business.

Why You Need It

  • Stay on top of relevant state, federal, and international laws and regulations by identifying, tracking, and managing your compliance in real-time
  • Monitor compliance incidents to avoid violations, fines, or legal action
  • Access customizable, pre-built workflows for risk assessments and deployment of controls or corrective actions

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Publisher: LogicGate

Date Added: 11/26/2020

Type: Applications


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