Secure Controls Framework (SCF)

Controls Management, Data Privacy, Cyber Risk

Streamline compliance requirements across your organization

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The Secure Controls Framework (SCF) weaves cybersecurity and privacy compliance into all operational levels of your organization. This overarching framework provides the outline needed to design, establish, and maintain holistic governance for any internal controls so that key business objectives can be met.

How It Works

SCF maps every control framework, standard, and regulation across all areas of your organization before collating them into a broad catalog you can use to track and manage compliance across the board.

SCF can be applied to all controls in Risk Cloud to improve the consistency of assessments.

Why You Need It

  • Streamline compliance requirements across multiple control frameworks
  • Obtain the capability to broadly track and manage controls compliance
  • Consistently comply with your needed cybersecurity and privacy practices

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Publisher: LogicGate

Date Added: 12/08/2020

Type: Standards and Regulations

Version: 2022.2


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