ServiceNow Integration

Cyber Risk, Incident Management, Issues Management

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ServiceNow’s cloud computing platform helps you manage digital workflow processes. ServiceNow spans across a multitude of industries and use cases by delivering digital workflow help for enterprise operations.

How It Works

Risk Cloud integrates with ServiceNow to put your risk program into your organization’s greater strategic processes. Risk Cloud can communicate with your instance of ServiceNow on any chosen incident information.

This configurable integration allows Risk Cloud to create incident tickets based on the high priority tickets that are logged within ServiceNow, allowing tickets to be actioned within Risk Cloud.

Use Cases

  • Incident Management / Incident Response
  • IT Security Risk
  • User Management
  • Asset Management

Requirements: ServiceNow environment

Why You Need It

  • Sync your tech stacks to simplify your work and ensure a single source of truth for your risk program
  • Do more with your incidents originating in ServiceNow to ensure all incidents are being addressed according to your process 
  • Bring legacy information into Risk Cloud for more streamlined, configurable workflows  
  • Work in an easy to use and flexible environment to address complexities from ServiceNow

Publisher: LogicGate

Date Added: 03/17/2021

Type: Integrations


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