Third-Party Risk Management SIG Lite Application

Third-Party Risk Management, Environmental, Social, and Governance

Assess and mitigate third-party risk across a comprehensive range of domains

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Risk Cloud’s Third-Party Risk Management: SIG Lite 2022 Application facilitates a holistic assessment of third parties across a wide range of domains, targeting not just information security but also asset management, data classification and handling, human resources security, and more.

How It Works

Risk Cloud’s Third-Party Risk Management: SIG Lite 2022 Application is populated with all 150 questions from Shared Assessments’ SIG Lite 2022 questionnaire. The Application also includes Shared Assessments’ Business Information Worksheet and Documentation and Artifacts Request List to help you gather high-level information about the infrastructure your third parties rely on and documentation of their policies and procedures. 

Additionally, the Application allows you to assess your third parties’ privacy postures through an extended privacy assessment. Privacy assessment questions align with questions in the SIG Core questionnaire’s Privacy Domain and map to many of the critical provisions of privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

Why You Need It

  • Actionable reporting: Assess and mitigate potential third-party risks by gathering and analyzing key information about vendors and suppliers.
  • Automation: Send questionnaires and receive notifications on due dates automatically.
  • Centralized documentation: Track and store vendor assessments and information in one location for easy access.
  • Effortless collaboration: Simultaneously send and track questionnaires to multiple external users.
  • Secure collaboration: Protect sensitive data and better control who can access records with one-time passcodes for external users.

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Date Added: 09/12/2022

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