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Collaborate on risk tasks where your team communicates the most

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Slack is the leading channel-based messaging platform and is used by millions of individuals across the globe to communicate within their organizations.  Slack is built to safely connect to technologies in order to unify systems and promote simpler and more productive workflows.   


How It Works

Slack is natively integrated with Risk Cloud so that you can send Slack messages to individuals or channels within Risk Cloud. Connecting with Slack means you can send record creation, submissions, due date reminders, and other tasks associated with your risk program right where your users are communicating. Slack messages sent from Risk Cloud have a direct link to the record it came from to keep organized and on track. 


Use Cases

  • Send a notification to your compliance manager when a new vendor is submitted for review
  • Send a notification to a Slack channel anytime a high-priority incident is reported
  • Alert a channel when a control evaluation’s due date is approaching

Requirements: Slack

Why You Need It

  • Drive faster response times and better awareness around risk tasks and status
  • Foster communication between all teams that contribute to your risk program by integrating with existing workflows
  • Increase adoption of your risk program by meeting users on a platform they are already using

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Date Added: 11/30/2020

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